Proposals are meant to be memorable, joyous occasions. Most people think moonlit dinner, walks in the park or something really sentimental. But, to all of our surprise, there’s apparently someone out there that thinks police and guns drawn instead. 

A proposal video went viral after an Alabama man named Daiwon McPherson staged a scene where he was surrounded by police, with what looked like their guns drawn, in a gas station. His girlfriend, Shawna Blackmon, later arrived and stood in between police and McPherson.

“First thing you’re going to think is we got another black man going to get killed by two police officers, nope that was the whole flip,” said McPherson, 33, according to the New York Daily News.

As Blackmon reached into McPherson’s pocket for what was supposed to be a gun, she actually pulled out a box with an engagement ring. She said yes.

Mobile police spokesman Terrence Perkins said that the officers weren’t holding guns, but were actually holding unloaded tasers, suggesting that no one was in any immediate danger.

Still, once the video went public, opinions came from every corner of social media calling the proposal distasteful and a mockery of police brutality.

“I did not set this up to make a mockery of anybody,” McPherson told the Washington Post, adding that he was only  “trying to get the best proposal that I can and make this a memorable night that she will never forget.”

“They saying it’s not romantic but everybody’s different,” he said.

What would you do if someone attempted this proposal?

Photo Credit: Twitter