Several things about Black people are true. First, we are not to be outdone. Second, we often disrupt the status quo. Third, we can find similarities between many everyday political experiences and our own Black Experiences with relative ease. In this clip of Morehouse professor, author, and all-around dope individual Marc Lamont Hill in conversation with CNN’s Don Lemon and three other pundits, Hill supplies proper evidence for all three of the phenomena I already mentioned above.

While discussing whether or not President-elect Donald Trump appointment of retired neurosurgeon to secreary of Housing and Urban Development, Hill explains why the appointment is so ridiculous. And, he manages to do it while calling on one of hip hop’s greatest of all time stars.

“Being a neurosurgeon doesn’t make you qualified to be the head of HUD,” Lamont said. “Leadership skills are not transferable, you know what I mean. Like Ghostface Killah’s the leader of Wu-Tang Clan, right? LeBron James is the leader of Cleveland Cavaliers. It doesn’t mean they should be the leader of Housing and Urban Development.”

Not only that, Hill called out Carson’s own admission – via his business manager and long-term friend Armstrong Williams as reported by The Hill – has no interest in a position within the Trump Administration because “he has no government experience, he’s never run a federal agency. The last thing he would want to do was take a position that could cripple the presidency.” This was after rumors swirled that Carson might be tagged to lead the Department of Health and Human Services – a position that would make a whole lot more sense given his experience.

Yet, it seems all but certain that Carson will be over HUD. So, much like Hill, we are all wondering: how do you then offer the guy a position over the department he’s probably the least qualified to run?

We may never know.

Watch the full video below:


Photo: CNN Video Screenshot