By Rashad Smith

Empowering lives through comical and cool characters literally lies within the hands of a beautiful young lady who’s smart, talented, and persistently searching for opportunities to help children recognize their talents, use their talents to benefit others, and plan their future. Megan Piphus, an upperclassman at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno with her puppet friends Princess, a wicked kitty, and June Bug, the coolest rapping baby there is, exposing her talents to the world. While eating some gummy worms, my favorite ish to eat back in the day and still to date, I enjoyed the skillful act of Ms. Piphus. 


Megan, who began her ventriloquist vocation at the age of 10, seems to be the epitome of the young Black female working to eliminate negative stereotypes and striving for success. Graduating from high school in Cincinnati, Ohio as Valedictorian says enough for the numerical decoders to begin to spectate about the changing statistics of young black females, and that’s what’s up!


Even more-so, Megan’s accomplishments as Miss Tennessee Senior Sweetheart (Tennessee National Teenager Scholarship Pageant) and Miss Black & Gold 2012 for the Kappa Theta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., is enough to make any young girl hopeful that her fairytale dreams aren’t too far fetched.


From my social network research via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Megan’s website,, it’s fair to say that the young lady is well respected by her peers, loved by kids, and cherished by her loved ones. In fact, its indisputable and even Oprah Winfrey would agree. In 2008, Megan was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show episode “The Worlds Smartest & Most Talented Kids”.


While guest appearances with big time celebrities like Leno and Oprah are major endeavors for Megan, her road to victory is unceasing and fascinating to follow. Whether it’s branding her ventriloquist lifestyle on the Homecoming Stage with her sorority sisters of the Mu Rho chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. or working through her self-created organization “Color My Dream”, Megan seems prepared to address the issues facing young people through her unique skills of singing, acting, effectively communicating, and being a ventriloquist of multiple characters.


Watch one of Megan’s Cool Videos Here:



I’m eager to follow her accomplishments and anticipating announcements in the upcoming years about a contract with Nickelodeon or Disney for Ms. Piphus to star in her own show as she works her God given talent to inspire the future.


The remarkable thing is, even if her talents aren’t of interest to the crazy agents and talent scouts who wouldn’t give her an opportunity, in which I highly doubt, Megan is equipped with an education in Economics and Española and is destined for success period-point-blank!


Only if I had the pull to introduce Megan to Hollywood Producers, if she hasn’t been already. Her presence is undoubtedly necessary in the lives of so many young people. Her messages are positive, her talents give hope, her accomplishments makes for the better making of the Black community and contradicts the negative statistics of the Black female.


Reminiscing about childhood friends like Willie Tyler & Lester or Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop are only thoughts of our imagination or fuzzy Youtube videos. And according to the loser of the 2012 Presidential Election, Big Bird and the Sesame Street gang are meaningless. The Puzzle Place use to my ish as well but I guess Leon, the Black boy from New York City, was a little to real for the rest of the crew. So what’s left?


Embodying the skills of all the puppeteers mentioned plus more, the next best thing is Megan Piphus, using music, ventriloquism, and puppetry, to inspire youth to dream big and in color!  


I wonder if we, the people,  have what it takes to help our own make it to the top? Let’s generate buzz by commenting, liking, and sharing this article. Let’s help Megan gain exposure and begin to work out some of the kinks of mandated stereotypes society has placed on the young Black female. Let’s help Megan Piphus make change in a Radical way. 


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