Several months ago, The BYP featured articles about the fallout following the death of Robert Champion, a former drum major for FAMU’s famed The Marching 100.

Now, allegations charge university’s dance team with similar behavior:

Florida A&M University, still reeling from the hazing-related death of a marching band drum major 10 months ago, on Tuesday suspended its Torque Dance Team following allegations of an off-campus hazing incident.


Interim President Larry Robinson said the university received an anonymous report from a parent Tuesday afternoon about an alleged incident that occurred over the Labor Day weekend.

Read more at The Huffington Post.

What makes this news even more curious–and disturbing–is that the dance team has officially been inactive since late 2011.

Is the hazing at FAMU unique? Do other schools have similar problems that are going un- or under-reported?

What can be done to fix this culture of violence?

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