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A number of protesters were arrested by police in Ferguson after shoving ensued on Thursday night.

According to protesters, the evening started out peaceful, with Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson marching down the street with them. 

From KMOV 4:

Protesters say Jackson came out of the Ferguson Police Department to address the growing crowd and agreed to march in the street with them.

Mary Chandler, a resident of Ferguson, told News 4 that once the marching began a different officer shoved some of the protestors, which is when the altercation broke out.

“The other black officer came from the back of the crowd, through the crowd shoving and punched one of the young men that was protesting and then reached up and grabbed him and that’s when all the shoving started,” Chandler said.

Chandler said tensions were already high because of the apology the chief released earlier Thursday.

“It wasn’t from the heart, he doesn’t feel like there’s any issue, like he did anything wrong, like his officer did anything wrong, they have no problem with the fact of their actions on their day, so no it wasn’t genuine he could’ve kept it, it was more of an insult than anything,” Chandler said about the chief’s video apology.

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Approximately 6 individuals were arrested as a result of the scuffle, according to estimates from witnesses.

Black lives matter.

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