Grammy-award winning artist and activist John Legend has partnered with the NAACP to promote voting rights efforts across the country. The partnership was formed in hopes of restoring the Voting Rights Act, back to its original form and raising awareness of the obstacles that minority voters face.


The partnership kicked off at John’s concert in Durham, North Carolina, where he asked his fans to join him in taking a stand for voting rights by texting “LEGEND” to 62227.  He will continue to raise awareness about the issue at several additional tour stops throughout the South.

John Legend had this to say about voting rights:

It is maddening to know that there are some who would enact legislation that limits the ability of some Americans to exercise their right to vote. Generations have fought hard and even died for this right, and now is not the time for our country to move backwards.  All of our leaders should seek to have inclusive elections that reflect the true will of the people, no matter who they intend to vote for.  The politics of exclusion are unacceptable.  It’s time for all of us who believe in democracy and equal rights to take a stand.

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Earlier this year in July, the Supreme Court invalidated a portion of Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act. The portion mandated that states with a history of voter discrimination must receive federal approval before changing its election laws.

The Supreme Court’s ruling opened up the flood gates for states to pass more discriminatory laws. Late last month, the governor of Florida’s chief elections official issued an order to all 67 elections supervisors that imposes new restrictions on how and where voters can return completed absentee ballots.

You can join John Legend and the NAACP in the fight to restore the Voting Rights Act by signing the petition  here.

Thoughts on the new campaign?

Is there anything that the American people can do to show the Supreme Court why the Voting Rights Act just be restored back to its original form?

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