Study: North Carolina voting law proves to disenfranchise black voters


According to a Dartmouth University study, North Carolina’s recent changes to the state’s voting laws will disproportionately affect black voters.

North Carolina was once included in the Voting Rights Act’s requirement that states and other jurisdictions with a history of racism in voting submit changes to their voting laws to the Justice Department for approval. But a Supreme Court ruling no longer requires states to do so. 

Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Provision of Voting Rights Act

A key provision of the 1965 Voting Rights Act has been struck down by the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision.

The justices have invalidated the requirement that certain states get federal approval before they make changes to their voting policies. The decision calls on Congress to create a new formula for deciding which states should be affected by this requirement.

Intimidating Voter Fraud Billboards To Be Taken Down

Activists and community members were outraged when more than 140 billboards warning of criminal consequences for voter fraud were put up in low-income neighborhoods in Ohio and Wisconsin.

Community activists spoke out against these obvious attempts at voter intimidation. Color of Change started a online petition, demanding that Clear Channel, the owner of the billboards, take them down immediately.

Clear Channel was caved to the pressure, and says they will begin the process of removing the ads, though they refuse say who sponsored them in the first place.

Judge BLOCKS Pennsylvania Voter ID Law

A judge has blocked Pennsylvania’s controversial voter ID law from going into effect on Election Day.

Under this ruling, the law can go into full effect next year, but will not impact this year’s election.

This is a major victory for Democrats and voting rights activists, who have been arguing for months that this law (and similar laws throughout the country) is a thinly-veiled attack on minorities, students, the elderly, and the poor.