There’s a new app that is helping disenfranchised individuals in Chicago record incidents of racism and discrimination in real-time.

Vocalize was created to help individuals rediscover their voice and reclaim their rights.

From Vocalize:

While each post provides a unique look into Chicago neighborhoods, the Vocalize team hopes to analyze emerging patterns and create a broader narrative that identifies discrimination throughout the city. Our team will then issue press releases to local journalists, enabling broader dissemination of the information.

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Through the app, users can submit stories of discrimination. The location will immediately be pinned to a city-wide map.

Once stories have been vetted by members of the app’s staff, they will also appear. Unpublished data such as names and other identifying characteristics will be analyzed by the Vocalize team.

As patterns begin to emerge, Vocalize says it will then issue press releases that highlight specific incidents and trends for “journalists and nonprofit organizations can use the information in the press releases to write stories or hold events. [Vocalize] hope that a broader dissemination of the stories will help spark change.”

What do you think of apps like “Vocalize?”

What do they reveal about our relationship with the police and the media regarding stories of discrimination?

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