Early last month, we told you about Kalisha Madden, a 26 year-old Black women from Detroit who’d been missing since November 28th. To our knowledge, Kalisha has yet to be found.

The conversation regarding Kalisha expanded into a larger discussion on the lack of mainstream media attention for missing persons of color. We wondered why there continues to be such finite media attention paid to missing Black people? Are our lives somehow less valuable?

Well, TV One hopes to counteract this with their brand new show, “Find Our Missing,” set to premiere tonight at 10pm ET. Check out a preview above.

The Daily Beast’s Allison Samuels has written a wonderful piece on the concept, significance, and unique strategies to be employed by this groundbreaking new show.

From the Daily Beast:

“‘Nearly one third of the missing in this country are black, yet their stories are rarely told,’’ says Wonya Lucas, TV One president and CEO. ‘We hope our TV One efforts will be dramatic television, but also hope these profiles will help trigger the memory of someone who might have seen something and feel compelled to come forward and help these families.’

TV One will complement the on-air series with social media and online content on, which also will share important information on what to do if someone is missing, tips on preventing abductions, and the names and links of organizations that welcome electronic tips on cases.

Some believe the lack of focus on missing minorities allowed the likes of Anthony Sowell to kidnap and kill more than 11 women of color in a working-class, east-side neighborhood in Cleveland in 2009. Sowell was charged in an 83-count indictment, which included counts of aggravated murder, kidnapping, and abuse of a corpse. Several families of the murdered women filed a $42 million lawsuit against the city of Cleveland last year, claiming racial discrimination. They alleged that police did not monitor Sowell, a registered sex offender, largely because he lived in a black community.”

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Why does the mainstream media spend so little time on Black missing persons?

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