Jonathan Martin is a 6-foot-5 315 pound offensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins. Several days ago, however, Martin left the Dolphins’ practice facility and hasn’t returned. Now, reports are coming in that Martin was the target of bulling and abuse from teammates. He was fed up. Instead of confronting his teammates, he walked away.

From CBS Sports:

Dolphins guard Richie Incognito, according to sources, was “the ring-leader,” of the ongoing bullying, acting particularly “menacing” toward Martin, while center Mike Pouncey was also involved. Incognito is strongly denying any role in the matter on social mediaThe NFLPA, while not investigating the issue as it is not in a position to discipline its members for locker room activities, is monitoring it and Executive Director DeMaurice Smith has spoken to Incognito, sources said, as well as representatives for Martin.

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Martin left the Dophins headquarters last Monday amid persistent bullying and teasing from some teammates. He says the taunting has plagued him since joining Miami in 2012. The latest stunt was reportedly when a group of players stood up and left when he tried to joining them for lunch.

There is no date of return in sight, which could lead the team to place him on the reserve list. A source said Martin has tried dealing with a plethora of insults ranging from those about his family to him being given the nickname “Big Weirdo.”

Other players on the team stated that it was widely known that Martin was teased ever since he was drafted.

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