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Tippit Middle School in Texas calls racial harassment of student inappropriate, but not bullying

A Texas middle school is being criticized for failing to take the opportunity to properly handle racism in its student body by a parent. Robert Ranco, a civil rights attorney, says that his 12-year-old daughter was subject to multiple instances of racial harassment by her classmates and the school responded with a half-measure. Ranco told Huff Post that his daughter was called an ape and was subject to being whipped with garbage at Tippit Middle School. He found out about the first incident when she text him with a question.

Cincinnati school releases bullying video of 8-year-old boy who died by suicide

Given his young age, the circumstances of his death and, now, the context surrounding it, Gabriel Taye’s death is the kind that sticks with you. In January, the 8-year-old was found dead after he hanged himself with his necktie in his Cincinnati home, reports CNN.

School officials have now released a 24-minute video that captures an incident Taye was involved in days before that impacts the conversation of what led to his death.

White teen creates comic strip explaining white privilege, reactions prove her point


Jamie Kapp, 19, understands that many people don’t get institutionalized racism. So the teen created a comic strip to break down white privilege.

The cartoon was effective, but Kapp was shocked to learn that she had become a victim of bullying, death threats and hate mail because of her efforts.

Kapp ended up shutting her blog down, but not before posting the following response.

Today in Post-Race History: The Case of Richie Incognito

Incognito and MartinWe’ve been following the Miami Dolphins’ bullying case starring a dude whose real name is actually Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin here on the BYP, because sports–and sports stories–are never entirely about sports. I’m repeating myself and others when I say that sports is a microcosm of the culture, and this issue is no exception. For those of you who haven’t been following, know this: a few weeks ago, Jonathan Martin, an offensive lineman for the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, abruptly left the team. What we learned in the aftermath is that Martin had been the victim of vicious hazing, even though hazing is generally a team ritual reserved for rookies and Martin is no longer in his first year. This hazing/bullying included over 1100 texts between Martin and Richie Incognito, who has emerged as one of the key players involved in bullying Martin.

Richie Incognito: ‘my actions were coming from a place of love’


Suspended Miami Dolphins player Richie Incognito says that his actions against former teammate Jonathan Martin “were coming from a place of love.”

Martin walked away from the NFL team amid charges of being bullied by Incognito.

During an interview with Fox’s Jay Glazer, Incognito addressed the voicemails he allegedly left on Martin’s phone referring to him as a racial epithet.