A couple of weeks ago, NFL offensive tackle Jonathan Martin walked off of the Dolphins headquarters. He cited excessive bullying from teammates as his reason for leaving the team, and vowed not to return unless justice was served.

Martin’s teammate Richie Incognito, has been labeled the “ring leader” in the scandal. Voicemails of him referring to Martin with expletives is in the evidence pile.

As the plot thickens, some NFL players are starting to blame Martin too.

From USA Today:

Denver Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton thinks Martin broke the code of the locker room by leaving it. “Everybody in the NFL knows that when you’re a young guy and when you’re with the O-line you’ve got it the hardest,” Knighton says. “I mean, that’s been going on for a while. … I don’t know where they crossed the line at; maybe (Incognito) said something personal.

“I feel like, as players, when it is player-to-player, it can be handled as players. It can be addressed. I don’t think (Martin) should have gone outside the team and expressed how things are going in the locker room.”

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Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway thinks some forms of bullying is like bonding.  The opinions expressed by these players show that not everyone is on Martin’s side despite evidence of abuse.

We are beginning to see a very similar of victim blaming that is common when it comes to victims of sexual assault. Thoughts on the player’s opinions towards Martin?

Is Martin blowing this entire thing out of proportion?

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