Hundreds of police officers stormed New York’s Zuccotti Park last night, clearing protesters out of what has been the epicenter of the Occupy movement.

Mayor Bloomberg says the park was cleared out so it could be cleaned. However, the raid is clearly meant to end the use of the park by protesters; patrons of Zuccotti park are no longer allowed to bring tents, tarps, sleeping bag, etc. onto the grounds.

70 people were arrested in the melee.

From NewsOne:

“Protesters at the two-month-old encampment were told they come back after the cleaning, but under new tougher rules, including no tents, sleeping bags or tarps, which would effectively put an end to the encampment if enforced.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a statement Tuesday that the evacuation was conducted in the middle of the night ‘to reduce the risk of confrontation in the park, and to minimize disruption to the surrounding neighborhood.’

He said after the cleaning, protesters would be allowed to return but ‘must follow all park rules.'”


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