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Watch LIVE STREAM of the Occupy Wall Street DAY OF ACTION!

Today is the Occupy Wall Street DAY OF ACTION, marking the two month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

And in the wake of the NYPD’s now-infamous raid on Zuccotti Park earlier this week, MASSIVE protests are planned today in New York City. Check out a LIVE STREAM of today’s events below!

From CBS New York:

“It may have looked peaceful at Zuccotti Park during what was a soggy Wednesday afternoon, but city officials are sounding alarm about Thursday, warning of mass disruptions in all five boroughs.

And it may not be pretty.

‘We are certainly anticipating tens of thousands of people protesting, aimed at significant disruptions of the lives of the people of this city,’ Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson said.”

Below is a LIVE STREAM of the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City. This is going on RIGHT NOW:

VIDEO: Black Occupy DC Protesters Speak!

Check out this fascinating video featuring the voices and perspectives of African American participants in Occupy DC.

TheRoot.com took their cameras to DC’s McPherson Square and spoke with a few Occupiers of color, who eloquently spoke of sociopolitical, Occupy-related priorities that speak to an African American experience and perspective.

“Occupy DC Protests: Exclusive Video of Black Participants”

According to TheRoot.com:

What Makes Difference? The 99% and 1%

In the past few weeks I have observed the occupy movement show up in more headlines, gain substantial attention, and impact crips and bloods alike who identify as the 99%. In light of this movement I am led to wonder why this moment has been chosen as the breaking point for so many who feel disenfranchised. Furthermore, I question what the basis of such a movement must be in order to create and sustain the momentum we are witnessing with the occupy movement. The foundation of the occupy political stance as I understand it is about exploitation of the everyday person and lack of accountability of the elite.

While I am not able to assert that the occupy movement is a political stance colored by race, it does remind me of a film I watched about racism in all its ugly forms. Below is a link to an excerpt of The Color of Fear where Victor passionatelyexplains his belief that in this present day every man is not enabled to stand on their own ground.


NYPD Raids Zuccotti Park; 70 People Arrested!

Hundreds of police officers stormed New York’s Zuccotti Park last night, clearing protesters out of what has been the epicenter of the Occupy movement.

Mayor Bloomberg says the park was cleared out so it could be cleaned. However, the raid is clearly meant to end the use of the park by protesters; patrons of Zuccotti park are no longer allowed to bring tents, tarps, sleeping bag, etc. onto the grounds.

70 people were arrested in the melee.

From NewsOne:

Crips and Bloods Stand TOGETHER At Occupy Atlanta

According to an article at the Huffington Post, the Occupy Movement is doing more than just bringing together people of different races and ethnicites.

Occupy is also bringing together young people of different gangs.

For Sherrod Britton and Shabaka Addae Guillory, the different colors they rep means little in the face of the widespread corruption and economic inequality they see in today’s America. They’ve put their differences aside and stood together at recent Occupy Atlanta protests.

From the Huffington Post:

Harlem Activists: The Occupy Movement Is NOT Just A "White Thing"

Check out this fascinating article about Occupy Harlem, and why the Occupy movement ain’t just a “white thing.”

There are definitely prominent Black voices in the movement. Activists and scholars like Angela Davis and Cornell West have been major supporters of the movement since practically day one; Dr. West was even  arrested on October 21st with 30 others in Harlem, protesting that racist “stop and frisk” program.

And by now I’m sure you’ve heard of Occupy The Hood.

The 99% percent is made up of a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds, with a variety of priorities. What unites them are a few common enemies; namely greed, corruption and economic inequality.

But will it be possible for such a complicated, motley collective to build a coalition strong enough to affect change in a way that will benefit everyone involved?

From the Huffington Post:

U.S. Census: ATLANTA Has Widest Income Gap in the Country

According to the U.S. Census, Atlanta has the widest income gap between rich and poor in the entire country.

Which certainly explains a lot.

As you may already know, Atlanta has seen some of the most intense #Occupy protests in the entire country. Mayor Kasim Reed initially expressed support for the protests, but seemingly changed his mind last week, arresting 53 demonstrators in one night.

Obviously, economic hardship and suffering isn’t unique to Atlanta. The Census reports that things are truly horrible all over this great nation.

From the Grio: