During the second week of Floyd v. City of New York Stop and Frisk trial, an officer admitted to commanding an innocent 13 year-old boy to “stop crying like a little girl” during a stop and frisk.

The boy had done absolutely nothing wrong. Officers stopped him for reaching into his waistband.

No gun was found, but he was still handcuffed and taken to the station.

From Think Progress:

Dennis conceded that he no longer thought the taunt was appropriate, but another officer, Jonathan Korabel, maintained the stop of the boy was a “lawful frisk.” He claimed the teen was jaywalking and started “yelling and making a scene” when officers tried to frisk him.

Almonor is hardly the NYPD’s youngest target. In December, the police were once again sued for cuffing and arresting a 7-year-old boy for stealing $5 from a classmate. Lawsuits over police misconduct cost the city $22 million in just one year.

Lots of other horrible details have come to light over the course of the trial.

NYPD officers are reportedly instructed to meet arrest quotas, and one officer recorded his supervisor telling him to target black males between the ages of 14-21 years old.

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