Glen Grays, a USPS employee, was delivering packages in Brookyln on St. Patricks Day when he was arrested by NYPD officers. A video taken by a bystander at the scene shows the four plain clothes officers approaching Grays, handcuffing him and claiming that he was resisting arrest. 

According to the New York Times, Grays was backing out of his truck when a black car turned the corner and nearly hit him. After stepping back into his vehicle to avoid being hit, Grays shouted at the car. That’s when he claims the car backed up to him and the driver said, “I have the right of way because I’m law enforcement.”

The video that’s now making rounds on the Internet picks up from the moment Grays was across the street delivering a package and the officers approached him. The footage shows Grays being handcuffed, frisked and placed in the back of the unmarked car while officers repeat the all too common phrase of “stop resisting!”

According to the Times, what the video doesn’t show is how Grays was placed in the backseat while handcuffed without a seatbelt. The officer who was driving allegedly then rear-ended another car while he was turned around to taunt Grays, sending the 27-year-old USPS employee shoulder-first into the front seat. He was later taken to a police station, issued a summons for disorderly conduct and released.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams, who released the footage, according to the Washington Post, stated that Grays having the reasonable reaction of yelling at a car that almost hit him “is the only action that Glen did that day that caused those plainclothes officers to stop their vehicle and to show who’s the biggest and the baddest, and place handcuffs on an on-duty postal employee who is delivering the U.S. mail,” Adams said. “If they would do that to Glen, in his postal uniform, they would do it to any other person of color in this community.”

Perhaps the most ironic thing about the incident is that Grays is actually engaged to a NYPD officer. Watch the footage of the arrest below.

Photo Courtesy: YouTube