Tensions between the United States and Cuban governments have fluctuated between varying degrees of sensitivity for decades now. But President Barack Obama has been working steadily towards mending that relationship since Dec. 17, 2014 when he made the announcement that the two governments were going to restore their relationship, according to the New York Times.

To further endorse this mission, Obama made history on Sunday (March 19) when he became the first U.S. President to set foot on Cuban soil in 88 years. Obama will be spending the net few days touring the country’s landmarks and speaking for the people. He will also play a role in the first meeting between U.S. and Cuban political leaders in more than 50 years.

While Obama travelled through the newly renovated streets of Old Havana with his wife and daughters, people of all ages cheered and waved with approval. This was a moment that many felt they wouldn’t have lived to see. Obama took the opportunity to speak on the children of Cuba and the world he hoped he can help usher in for them to inherit.

“By the time they’re adults,” he said, according to the New York Times, “our hope is that they think it’s natural that a U.S. president should be visiting Cuba, and they think it’s natural that the two peoples are working together.”

This is sure to be an historic moment that will be looked back on in regards to international relations. How it will be looked at is a matter of what comes from the newly restored relationship.

Watch the video of Obama’s arrival in Cuba below.


Photo Credit: YouTube