According to an Oregon state law, students can miss up to 5 hours of classroom time a week for religious instruction.

PREP4Kids is one of the programs that teaches children non-denominational Christian lessons during released-time.  

From PREP4Kids:

Released-time means public school students can be “released” during school hours for religious training off campus.  PREP4Kids is a non-profit ministry, which has operated in the greater-Portland area for 25 years.  PREP4Kids’ mission is to help children/youth and their families find purpose and direction in life through the study of God’s Word.  PREP4Kids operates within the legal statute ORS 339.420. Classes are usually held at a church close to the school.

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By law, students are allowed to make up any work that is missed at school during periods of religious instruction. Released-timed is allowed throughout the country, but laws vary from state to state.

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