Chicago Schools Are Ending The Transgender Bathroom Debate

Debates are occurring across the country about bathrooms and how they should be used by people of transgender experience. Some states (like North Carolina) are attempting to pass laws that would require people to use bathrooms that correspond to the gender they were assigned at birth, regardless of how they identify today. Chicago has officially made their stance known – they’ll allow students and faculty to use the bathrooms for the genders they identify with rather than how they were assigned at birth. 

Obama Cuts Funding for Christian-Based Abstinence Sex-Ed Program

President Obama has proposed a budget for 2017, which removes a $10 million annual grant that goes towards funding “abstinence-only” sexual education classes in public schools. By getting rid of this money, Obama ends the financial incentive for states to continue to teach this one-sided sexual education program.

Federal Judge says Arkansas no longer has to pay into school desegregation efforts


Earlier this week a federal judge ruled that Arkansas can stop making payments on one of the nation’s most historic desegregation efforts.

While the ruling no longer holds the state liable in a financial sense, U.S. District Judge Price Marshall did stress that work still needed to be done to ensure Little Rock-area students receive a proper education. 

Kevin Hart gives back to hometown by donating 500 computers to public schools, rec centers


Funny man Kevin Hart has decided to give back to his hometown of Philadelphia. The city has been in the news recently for its financial woes, which has resulted in many schools closing and other severe budget cuts.

Hart’s donation of 500 computers to several Philadelphia schools and recreation centers may not solve the city’s problems, but it definitely helps.

From ABC News:

Hart attended local public schools before embarking on an entertainment career that includes the 2011 stand-up special “Laugh at My Pain.”

CPS Protest Highlights Dangers Facing Displaced Chicago Students; Questions ‘Safety Routes’

Chicago parents and activists are holding a march today- dubbed Walk the Walk –  to draw attention to the “distances, safety concerns, and overcrowding potential” facing students displaced by the closing of over 50 Chicago Public Schools.

From the Huffington Post:

Around 8:30 a.m., the Raise Your Hand Coalition-led walk began in East Garfield Park at King Elementary on 740 S. Campbell and headed to the proposed receiving school, Jensen, at 3030 W. Harrison. The walk is roughly less than a mile and passes by Altgeld Park.

Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA Uses Hip Hop to Teach Science in NYC Public Schools

The Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA has aligned himself with an amazing pilot program in New York City that uses Hip Hop to help young people learn about science.

The program is currently running in 10 NYC public schools.


The program was started by Dr. Chris Emdin of Columbia University’s Teachers College.

“The goal is just to awaken the children, make them more aware and embrace science and everything connected to it,” GZA told CBS News.

Detroit Students Organize March to Protest School-to-Prison Pipeline

An organization called Detroit’s Youth Voice have organized a march this Saturday to “break the School-to-Prison Pipeline.”

As many have argued, school disciplinary policies like suspensions and expulsions remove children from the classroom. Time away from the class hurts youth academically and can set them down a road leading to prison.

According to the ALCU, 36 percent of Detroit Public School students were suspended in the 2011-2012 academic year.

Hooked on Ebonics: the controversy that swirls around this “language”

I was shocked to recently learn about the Oakland, California school board’s 1996 decision to classify Ebonics as the official language of its African American students. At the mere age of four, I was ignorant to the political and social controversy this decision stirred up nationwide. Now, at 19, I can understand the problematic implications such a decision leads to.