Parents at a Pittsburgh high school were upset at an approved school theme in honor of Trayvon Martin.

The Carrick High School homecoming committee and school voted to allow the theme as part of the school’s spirit week.

Parents did not agree with children being encouraged to wear hoodies to school during the day’s theme.

From KDKA:

Tensions have since eased and headlines have faded, but at Carrick High School, Martin’s memory has not. And to commemorate Martin, students planned to wear hoodies to make it a positive thing. But it was not seen as positive by all. “It brought up some controversy to the point where there were people giving mixed signals about it,” said Homecoming Committee member Javon Jordan. After getting numerous complaints, the school now says the theme has been cancelled.

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The day has now been changed to Bucco hat day. “So we just used Bucco Day to put everybody together, put everybody as a whole,” Jordan told KDKA.

Thoughts on the parents’ reaction?

Should the students have been allowed to commemorate Trayvon Martin for spirit week?

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