Paul Quinn College has been playing a role in the advancement of black people since it was founded in 1872 to educate freed slaves. Today, it’s looking for new ways to innovate education and further prove the necessity of HBCU’s moving forward.

The college has recently announced a plan to introduce the African-American Leadership Institute (AALI) with the help of local politicians in the Dallas, TX area including State Senator Royce West. 

“It’s especially important because in today’s era of socio-economic trials and tribulations, of communities who don’t have access to any the things they need; for school that aren’t’ yet everything they should be because of lack of resources. We know that we can do more, and today we announce our collective effort to do more,” Paul Quinn President Michael Sorrel said during a press conference earlier this month.

“The African American Leadership Institute is our attempt to address the economic development, educational, public policy, and leadership development issues that we feel are presently in place in our community, and in Texas.”

AALI is the result of a think tank being reintroduced to the campus to help keep the concerns of the black community as a whole in discussion and make sure that they’re constantly being taken into consideration.

The group is looking to add an Executive Director by November while it’ll be fundraising with hopes to fully introduce the program in 2-3 years.

Photo Credit:  Wiki Commons