A former black editor for People Magazine is suing the company for racism.

Tatasha Robertson was reportedly the only black editor at the magazine. She says she was terminated from her job because of the color of her skin. 

From Financial Juneteenth:

Robertson was terminated in May due to a “purported reduction in force” because of the color of her skin, according to the lawsuit. She is seeking damages against People, its parent company Time Inc. and her boss, former executive Betsy Gleick.

Robertson alleges that her ex-boss left her out of meetings, dismissed pitches for stories about black victims and even verbally insulted her when she once said, “You need to talk like everyone else here. You’re not at Essence anymore.”

The irony is that Robertson is more than qualified and has proven her skills at the tasks that her position demanded, as the lawsuit states: “Ms. Robertson holds a degree in English, a Masters in Journalism and is an adjunct professor at New York University. She has also thrived and succeeded while working under five Pulitzer Prize-winning editors. No one has ever had any issue whatsoever with the way Ms. Robertson spoke or communicated.”

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The lawsuit alleged that People Magazine as a whole had bias issues. It referred the to organization as “discriminatory” and one that is “run entirely by white people who intentionally focus the magazine on stories involving white people and white celebrities.”

People reps have not responded.

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