A change.org petition is calling for an investigation into how the Los Angeles Police Department handled Christopher Dorner’s death.

The petition, created by The Your Black World Coalition, states that “the latest civil rights violation by this department was during the apprehension of Christopher Dorner.”

Dorner died during a standoff with Los Angeles authorities in February after killing four people.

From Change.org:

The Los Angeles Police Department has, for far too long, served as judge, jury and executioner in too many situations. Rather than seeking justice and allowing the courts to determine guilt or innocence, this police department has often positioned itself as a well-organized street gang, terrorizing and even killing scores of innocent citizens.

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The group contends that they are “not in agreement with crimes Dorner allegedly committed before his death and DO NOT seek to make him into a hero.”

The incident garnered national attention as Dorner claimed to be a victim of the department’s long-standing history of racial profiling while working for the LAPD.

Dorner was accused of killing four people in revenge for being fired from the department in 2008.

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Should authorities look into how the LAPD handled the death of Chris Dorner?

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