According to NewsOne, who cites TMZ, pictures of Dorner’s charred remains are being sold.

Authorities tracked Dorner down in a cabin just outside of Los Angeles after searching for him for 9 days.

Dorner shot himself in the head before his body was burned by a fire set by authorities.

Dorner, whose body was reportedly found on February 12th in a remote cabin amid the snow-covered mountains of Southern California, was involved in a furious gun battle with police and SWAT team members.

The fierce exchange of violence was the culmination of a nine-day intensive manhunt for Dorner, who was accused of killing four people, two of whom were law enforcement officers.  The renegade former policeman was also accused of wounding three other people.

The ex-Navy reservist, who vowed to bring “warfare” to Los Angeles police and their family members, was reportedly angry because he was allegedly the victim of racism. Dorner also claimed to have been targeted for reporting misconduct within the police department.


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Why are these pictures for sale? Would you look at them?

Why haven’t the LAPD officers who shot two women delivering newspapers been charged and/or disciplined?

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