Several French police officers are being investigated for racism after allegedly hosting a hosting a “negro party.”

Photographs of the officers in Blackface and with bananas surfaced on social network sites. In one of the images, an officer is seen sitting with bananas on his knees while scratching under his arms.

From The Guardian:

The images were reported to the authorities by Claudy Siar, the former ministerial delegate charged with ensuring equality of opportunity for the population of France’s overseas territories.

“Someone I know told me of the existence of these photos on the Facebook account of one of her friends,” Siar told BFM TV.

“In my presence, she called this friend and told them she was shocked. The friend was taken by surprise and tried to play down what had happened, saying that they were just having fun with friends in private and that it was a ‘negro party’.

“She immediately took down the photos but there were screen grabs that had already been taken.”

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Several organizations have complained about the photos, with  Conseil Représentatif des Associations Noires President Louis-Georges Tin calling them a “terrible shame on the national police.”

An inquiry has been launched by the police department’s internal complaints authority.

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