Kansas State Student Expelled For Posting Selfie In Blackface

According to Paige Shoemaker, a former student at Kansas State University, her group of friends found it appropriate, and even funny, to wear blackface, throw up hand signs and caption a photo with the words “Feels good to finally be a n****r.”

Fortunately, KSU didn’t feel the same and the student has been expelled from the school after a picture she took made its way to Twitter. 

German soccer team blackface

German Soccer Team Attempts To Fight Racism With Blackface

The use of blackface – non-black people covering their faces with something to make them appear to have darker skin – is pretty much viewed as offensive across the board. Well, this is at least in the United States, where every Halloween someone gets the not-so-bright idea to cover their face in brown makeup as they dress up like Kanye West.

But an amateur soccer team in Germany took the practice and attempted to use it to fight racism.