According to the latest Qunnipiac/CBS/NY Times poll, President Obama is leading Mitt Romney in three crucial swing states by large margins.

Obama leads in Ohio 53 to 43 percent, in Florida 53 to 44 percent, and in Pennsylvania 54 to 42 percent.

From the Huffington Post:

“The poll showed a substantial gender gap among voters. Obama leads by 25 points in Ohio among women, while Romney has an eight-point edge among men. Obama has a 21-point lead among women in Pennsylvania and is even among men.

Obama’s approval rating is at 50 percent in Florida and Ohio, and 51 percent in Pennsylvania.

In the states’ Senate races, all three incumbent Democratic senators — Billl Nelson (Fla.), Sherrod Brown (Ohio) and Bob Casey (Pa.) — had the lead. Nelson and Brown are leading by double digits, and Casey has a six-point lead over challenger Tom Smith.”


Thoughts on these latest poll results?

Is it too late for Romney to recover the ground he’s lost?

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