President Obama is facing criticism for calling California Attorney General Kamala Harris “by far, the best-looking attorney general.”

Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser, Obama called Harris “brilliant,” “dedicated” and “tough.” He then added, “She also happens to be, by far, the best-looking attorney general.”

Many are calling his comments sexist, and inappropriate considering the hurdles women face in being recognized for their talents and accomplishments.

From KTLA:

Jonathan Chait, a writer for New York magazine, called Obama’s comments “disgraceful.”

“Women have a hard time being judged purely on their merits,” he wrote. “Discussing their appearance in the context of evaluating their job performance makes it worse.”

Over at the Washington Post, opinion writer Jonathan Capehart said Obama was only speaking “God’s honest truth,” and he emphasized that the president and Harris have been longtime friends and allies.



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