The conscious humyn evaluates and integrates various influences of  style regardless of race, gender or and social divisions. If “male” has a significance, you could receive the conscious male and his personality as influenced by Sade or Nina Simone. He, or better the humyn, could express a masculinity/femininity that is too distinct for either/or. Manifesting the Sade in him, he’s not afraid to express his experience of the sweetest taboo. Nothing’s loss of his power to create in the world, though he may tell you that he wants to feel an intense love like no other.

The conversations of music, occasioned by our mp3 players and turntables, make verbal communication of sound. Sound doesn’t have a gender. When sound is presented to the humyn it’s the soulful depth that grabs the hand of reality. We feel comfort  beside a presence of something relatable; as listeners  we become more interested and connected to the sound. Music is the production of knowledge in our environment, and thus sound makes the musician useful in our lives.


When I listen to music it’s therapy: for instance, the essence of “Bag Lady” by Erykah Badu breaks down the common issue of being humyn. Everybody has baggage—some more than others—but the song helps me acknowledge the issues to address them. When you can make the connection between the problem and the solution the comfort zone is built. Yet the problem is my concern for gender, my participation in avoiding everything feminine for the sake of masculinity.

I violate my gender restrictions when the music plays. Such an aesthetic experience makes me receptive to knowledge by womyn thinkers. In these moments, I forget to preserve my manhood; instead, I let the womyn on my mind guide me through reality. Our personalities become conditions of revolution as we incorporate the social blueprints of our supposed “opposites.” That white folks listen to black artists like Big K.R.I.T. demonstrates a level of humynity—no matter how small—flourishing in racial interactions. Music facilitates an aesthetic speech that encourages the racist and the sexist to behave as a humyn.



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