Rapper Shawty Lo ignited a firestorm of controversy when it was announced that his reality show – “All My Babies Mommas” – had been picked up by cable network Oxygen.

Many in the community found the show’s premise disgraceful, exploitative, and stereotypical. A petition was launched demanding that the show be canceled; Oxygen soon announced that they would not be airing the program.

Well, Shawty Lo is none too please.

So he’s launched a petition of his own, calling on Oxygen to air the controversial show.

From the Huffington Post:

The show wasn’t about, we finna be fightin’…a lot of fathers don’t take care of one child, don’t even be there with their children. But me, I’m there with my children I’m hands on.”

“They making their assumptions off a 13-minute trailer and this like the biggest news around the world right now and it’s unbelievable,” he added. “But I’m working hard for this show to air, because people do want to see it. My kids, they want to see it. They’re disappointed right now…My show is not about no negative; it’s a positive. But if they wanna see the show, y’all sign a petition.”

Click here to check out the “bring back All My Babies Mommas” petition

It’s already gotten 1,771 signatures.


Do you think “All My Babies Mommas” should be allowed to air on TV?

Was pressuring Oxygen to cancel the show the right thing to do?

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