Charged: Classroom aide Alger Coleman

A teacher turned over shocking secret footage to police which allegedly shows two teachers aides slapping and choking a special needs student before knocking him off a chair.

The video, filmed at Harper-Archer Middle School in Atlanta, shows four days of action filmed by an anonymous teacher who says the principal did not act on her complaints. 

From Daily Mail:

Classroom aide Alger Coleman, 42, was arrested and charged with child cruelty and simple battery.

‘I was shocked, outraged and you have to add profoundly disappointed,’ said Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Erroll Davis told¬†CBS 46.

‘We are looking into all of the communications that took place’.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, the video was shot by teacher Tori Jackson-Reynolds.

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The video shows Coleman and another female aide alleged to be Keisha Smith, repeatedly abusing two boys. One section shows an aide smacking one of the boys so hard that he falls out of his chair.

The video, which was turned over to police last month, was recorded in February.

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Not cool.

Should surveillance cameras be installed in classrooms?

What punishment, if any, should the principal face for not following up on the complaint?

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