The black HIV epidemic: a health mystery in Atlanta’s gay community

The following post originally appears on The Washington Post under the title, “The black HIV epidemic: A public health mystery from Atlanta’s gay community.” 

By: Jeff Guo

ATLANTA — In the early 2000s, a young researcher at the Centers for Disease Control named Greg Millett set out to solve an epidemiological mystery. Nobody could explain why black Americans, particularly black gay men, had such high rates of HIV infection compared to the rest of the population. How were they putting themselves in so much danger? What were they doing differently from everyone else?

Shocking footage reveals teachers aides abusing child

Charged: Classroom aide Alger Coleman

A teacher turned over shocking secret footage to police which allegedly shows two teachers aides slapping and choking a special needs student before knocking him off a chair.

The video, filmed at Harper-Archer Middle School in Atlanta, shows four days of action filmed by an anonymous teacher who says the principal did not act on her complaints.