Tennessee judge changes mind about sterilizing inmates for shorter jail sentences

A Tennesee judge claims he was thinking about the kids when he offered to sterilize jail inmates. To help out, he also agreed to shorten their jail sentences by 30 days. The plan appeared to be a success as 32 women received implants that would help prevent pregnancy for four years and 38 men were waiting for vasectomies.

Then everyone else found out and the sh*t hit the fan. 

France prison photo - Rikers Island

Tennessee jails are offering to sterilize inmates in exchange for shorter sentences

Lawmakers in Tennessee have somehow made the conditions of correctional facilities even less humane with a new practice. News Channel 5 reports that inmates in Tennessee jails have been given the option to receive shorter prison sentences if they agree to receive vasectomies or insert a contraceptive device into their bodies. 

BLM activists work to free over 30 mothers from jail for ‘National Mama’s Bail Out Day’

Black Lives Matter activists have come together to free more than 30 mothers from jail in what will hopefully become a holiday tradition: National Mama’s Bail Out Day.

Black women represent a disproportionate 44% of women in jails across the United States. For many of them, the only reason they’re still in custody is because they couldn’t afford to pay the bond or fine necessary to get out. This is even the case for minor offenses including loitering. 

Woman Who Falsely Accused 4 Black Men of Kidnapping, Rape Gets 1 Year In Jail

There’s an episode of Law and Order: SVU out there where a young white woman and her boyfriend were looking to cover up a crime by blaming it on “a black guy” they “couldn’t really see”. Fortunately, the detectives caught on early and let them bury themselves in their lies. But it was Detective Fin Tutuola’s (played by Ice T) response of “Why is it always a black guy?” that stuck with me more than any other detail of the episode.

This scene came back to mind when it was reported that Leiha Ann-Sue Artman, 25, had completely fabricated a story where she claimed that she was kidnapped, beaten and raped for two days by four black men, according to MLive. She’d even gone as far as to send selfies with head injuries and gagged to her boyfriend with demands for a ransom. 

Nick Cannon Visits D.C. Jail For Weekly Howard Coursework

The historically Black, Washington D.C. located Howard University has been the home to celebrities ever since it opened its doors in the mid-19th century – including celebrities who enrolled in classes after reaching the height of their celebrity. The latest to do so is none other than actor and television host Nick Cannon.

Cannon has been noticeably more public with his support for social activism and the Black Lives Matter movement in recent months and he’s now working to educate himself so that he can do it the best way for all parties.

Justice Department Says People Can’t Be Jailed Because They Can’t Afford Bail

The criminal justice system has several holes in its processes that have existed for generations. That’s no surprise. But, thanks to President Obama’s latest efforts to reform some of the most flawed and common legal practices, a new trend is developing.

The Justice Department recently filed a brief claiming that it’s unconstitutional to jail people simply because they can’t afford to pay bail, according to NBC

Women Jailed at a Faster Rate than Men, Two-Thirds are Women of Color

According to the New York Times, a new study from the Vera Institute of Justice shows that the number of women in jails in the United States is increasing more quickly than the number of men in jails. The majority of these women are black or Hispanic and many are also low-income. The study suggests the increasing rate of female inmates has been overlooked by criminal justice reform efforts.

Judge Serves 24 Hour Jail Sentence With Fellow Veteran

It’s often said that the bond of those who serve in the military is unrivaled by any other. Even veterans that didn’t serve together often feel a connection because of their shared experiences and they sometimes look out for each other when the opportunity presents itself.

Well, that’s exactly what happened when Sgt. Joseph Serna walked into North Carolina District Court Judge Lou Olivera’s courtroom. Olivera, himself a Gulf War veteran, heard Serna’s trial for violating probation by lying about a urine test and chose to sentence him to 24 hours in prison, according to the Root. Not only did Olivera personally escort Serna to the next county, but he walked him to his one-man cell and spent the entire 24 hours with him.