Kobe Bryant sends Jordan Edwards’s brother birthday gifts

Celebrating a birthday, or anything, can be difficult after the loss of a loved one. It’s not difficult to imagine this being the case for Kevon Edwards, 17, who was in the car when a police officer fired a rifle and fatally shot his younger brother, Jordan. The story made national news and is being followed closely as there are more developments  Apparently, retired basketball players are no exception to hearing about the tragic incident. 

Michael B. Jordan and Kobe Bryant Co-Star In Apple TV Commercial

Every few years there appears to be a new black actor who we fan cast into every possible role. There was Denzel, then Will Smith, then Idris Elba and the most recent one appears to be Michael B. Jordan. So it makes perfect sense that he’d be in on the joke.

In the latest commercial from Apple TV, Jordan co-stars alongside Kobe Bryant, who has only one game left in his professional basketball career. Jordan wears a replica of Bryant’s Lower Merion high school jersey as the two discuss what it’ll take to portray him in a film.

White reporter disses Kobe Bryant for wearing ‘I can’t breathe’ shirt, say he’s not ‘hood enough’


Doug Gottlieb Has Thoughts On Kobe Wearing An "I Can't Breathe" Shirt



It started with Derrick Rose donning a shirt with the caption, “I can’t breathe” in support of Eric Garner protesters. Then other NBA players followed suit. Among them? Kobe Bryant. 

But a white reporter feel that Bryant isn’t “hood enough” to sympathize with the plight of the average black person. 


Richard Sherman won’t shut up. The star cornerback for the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks has become one of the NFL most recognizable and talked about athletes, an especially remarkable feat given the anonymity of wearing a helmet each week for work and the lack of attention Sherman’s team receives. Although he does have an endorsement or two, Sherman has kept his name in water cooler circulation with his tweets, press conferences, and blog posts that appear regularly on Peter King’s MMQB.

Most recently, Sherman penned a post about former Philadelphia Eagle DeSean Jackson. Jackson was released by the team and has subsequently found a home with Washington’s professional team. It’s the offseason, and football players are cut and signed by teams everyday. However, what was notable about Jackson’s release was the news that accompanied it. Jackson is  a dynamic, game-changing, and popular player. Yet the Eagles justified cutting Jackson by calling into question his work ethic and expressing concerns about his negative impact on the locker room and young players. Given the climate of the NFL  (e.g. Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin), teams are particularly sensitive to these kinds of intangibles and how they effect the energy of the team. That wasn’t all, though. Jackson’s release was also accompanied by reports that his affiliation with alleged gang members and people who had been to jail. In other words, Jackson had maintained a close relationship from the guys he grew up with, who played a significant role in his life after his father passed away.

Update: Dwyane Wade responds to Kobe Bryant’s comments about Trayvon Martin

Last week, Kobe Bryant sparked criticism for his comments about the Miami Heat’s “rushed” support of Trayvon Martin. The Florida teen was murdered in February 2012 when returning home from a convenience store.

He was found to be unarmed, and was wearing a hoodie. The Miami Heat wore hoodies in support of Martin. 

During an interview with The New Yorker, Bryant suggested that the team reacted too hastily in defense of Martin because he was black. Check out Wade’s response to Bryant’s comments. 

Update: Kobe Bryant responds to criticism of Trayvon Martin comments



NBA star Kobe Bryant has responded to criticism that followed comments he made about the Miami Heat’s support of Trayvon Martin.

In response to the Miami Heat’s support for Trayvon Martin by wearing hoodies in 2012, the Lakers star stated that African Americans should not immediately rush to the defense of a black person on the basis of race alone. 

Bryant took to both Instagram and Twitter to address the issue. 

She Made Me Do It: A Final Thought on the Jameis Winston Case

Last Saturday, while the world was recovering from Beyonce breaking the internet, Jameis Winston, quarterback for the Florida State University Seminoles, won the coveted Heisman trophy. Anyone who watches college football knows that it was really no contest; that Winston was clearly the best player in college football this year. Yet, until very recently it wasn’t clear if Winston would win. That, of course, had to do with sexual assault charges brought forth by a former FSU student. After several weeks of investigation, authorities determined that there was not enough evidence to charge Winston. As such, voters for the Heisman Trophy apparently felt all right with granting the award to Winston.

I listen to a lot of sports radio. I heard more than a few segments on the Winston case. (Bad call on my part, I know.) What struck me–and perhaps it shouldn’t have–is that there was always a caller whose comment basically wanted to discuss athletes and celebrities are constantly in situations where women are pursuing them, and when things don’t go there way… The implication, of course, is that this is what happened to Winton.