From The Shrug Files: Queen Latifah Comes Out?

When Queen Latifah signed on to perform at Long Beach, California’s gay pride parade, many raised their eyebrows and wondered if she would finally seize the opportunity to come out.

Although speculations about the Queen’s sexuality have circulated for years, she has never explicitly come out as a lesbian. Well, during her pride performance, those who had been waiting for an Ellen-like, “Yep, I’m gay” statement didn’t exactly get their needs met.

But they did get something to chew on.

VIDEO: Interview with PARIAH director Dee Rees and actress Kim Wayans!

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard something about “Pariah,” the much-hyped new film from director Dee Rees.

Pariah tells the powerful “coming of age” story of a young, Black lesbian. The film is slowly garnering more and more screens, and more and more praise and acclaim, with each passing day. Do yourself a big favor, and check this film out when it comes to a theater near you.

And in the meantime, check out this fascinating interview with Dee Rees and Kim Wayans, courtesy of Colorlines.

“‘We knew that if we could just get the film done, that regardless of sexuality, race and identity, people would be able to see themselves in different parts of the story,’ Rees told last month, as she awaited the release of her feature directorial debut ‘Pariah.’

‘We’d go to pitch meetings and the moment we said ‘black, lesbian, coming of age,’ they would turn around, validate our parking and hand us a bottle of water.'”

Cult Following: The Lovers and Friends Show

I’ll readily admit that, The Golden Girls (greatest sitcom ever!) notwithstanding, I have rather asinine taste in television and film.  Seriously, my undying love for the good-n-terrible movie, Hav Plenty is well beyond absurd.  Still, I am compelled to temporarily cease from railing against the news and pop culture of the day (is this real life?) to encourage you, dear reader(s?) to watch–and subsequently become at least mildly enthusiastic about– the webseries, The Lovers and Friends Show.