According to a recent study conducted by the Yale University Child Study Center, Black boys recieve less attention, harsher punishments, and lower grades in school than their White counterparts.

This trend persists from kindergarten all the way through college, regardless of socioeconomic status.

And a recent article in the Washington Post asserts that Black children in the D.C. area are suspended or expelled two to five times more often than White students.

This really shouldn’t surprise anyone; we’ve always known that our young Black men face an uphill battle in this society, practically from birth. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take action to counteract the systemic oppression of young Black men in America.

Check out Roland Martin’s interview with Judith Brown Dianis, the co-director of the Advancement Project, about these disturbing trends below.


Are you surprised by the findings of the Yale Univeristy Child Study Center report?

What can we do to fight these trends?

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