Study: Charter schools have made segregation worse in Chicago


According to a new study released by the Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity, Charter schools have worsened school segregation in Chicago, and overall have made the city’s school system stronger.

Analysts looked at data for 2012-13 and cites major factors as reading and math scores, reading and math growth and graduation rates as contributing factors for the trend. 

‘Forgotten Four’ film tells story of four black men who integrated the NFL

forgotten four

Most of us know about Jackie Robinson being the first black professional Major League Baseball player, but few know about the men responsible for breaking the color barrier in the NFL. 

But a new EPIX documentary will tell the story of four black pro sports players, Kenny Washington, Woody Strode, Marion Motley and Bill Willis, who first integrated the National Football League.

New York approves segregation proposal in high-rises

A view of the high-rises lining Riverside Boulevard, in New York. The city has approved an application by prominent developer Extell to install a 'poor door', or a separate door for tenants living in affordable housing to enter the building through

The City of New York approved a proposal to build a “poor door,” or separate door for residents living in affordable housing to enter their building.

The proposal, submitted by Extell, one of the most prominent developers in the city, gives the company the right to install a separate set of doors into a high-rise located on 40 Riverside Boulevard. 

Report: New York has the most segregated public school system in the country


According to a report released by UCLA’s Civil Rights Project, New York is home to the most segregated public school system in the nation.

Evidence as outlined in the report, “New York State’s Extreme School Segregation: Inequality, Inaction and a Damaged Future,” shows that public school students in the state are increasingly isolated by race and class.