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Most of us know about Jackie Robinson being the first black professional Major League Baseball player, but few know about the men responsible for breaking the color barrier in the NFL. 

But a new EPIX documentary will tell the story of four black pro sports players, Kenny Washington, Woody Strode, Marion Motley and Bill Willis, who first integrated the National Football League.

From Forgotten Four:

The EPIX Original Documentary, Forgotten Four: The Integration of Pro Football tells the little-known story of four outstanding and brave African American men […] who broke the color barrier in pro football in 1946, one year before Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey were credited with integrating Major League Baseball.

The hardships and triumphs of the Forgotten Four are told through the recollections of their families and those who have researched these remarkable pioneers.

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Watch the trailer for the film:

The film seeks to bring “this pivotal move in sports history into modern sports culture.” The initiative is the get Kenny Washington and Woody Strode, the two players not currently in the Hall of Fame, nominated for membership.

Forgotten Four: The Integration of Pro Football will make its world premiere on Tuesday, September 23, 2014, at 8PM ET.

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