Mollie Judith Olgin, age 19, and Mary Christine Chapa, age 18, were both shot in the head last weekend.

They were found in a public park in Portland, Texas, on Saturday morning.

Olgin had died before her body was discovered, while Chapa is in stable condition.

The two young women had been in a relationship for five months.


Police in Portland have not been able to identify a suspect and do not know if the young couple’s sexuality motivated the crime.


“That’s always something that we’re looking for, but as of this point, we have not been able to establish that that had anything to do with the attack,” Portland Police Chief Randy Wright said.


He added that the crime did not appear to be “just a random attack.”

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It’s worth noting that this crime likely occurred while many were celebrating gay pride in several cities throughout the United States.

Nonetheless, we wish for Chapa’s recovery, extend our deepest sympathies to Olgin’s friends and family, and hope that justice is served.