With the CTU Strike finally at an end after a nearly two week standoff, we’re left to wonder what its lasting legacy will be.

Many proponents of the strike hope that, as Union leader Karen Lewis now-famously asserted, “this Union has proven the Chicago labor movement is neither dormant nor dead.” Of course, it’s impact on a larger labor movement remains to be seen.

But as one Chicago educator’s open letter explains, the strike will at least stand as a lesson to Rahm Emanuel and anyone else that tries to use and abuse workers:

You can try; but be prepared for a fight.

From The Ultimate War on Mediocrity:

The strike was the last ditch effort by the Union to fight for the soul of teaching and learning in Chicago. The Union and it members could not sit by idly and watch one person make decisions that affect the third largest school district in the country in a plutocratic power grab. The Union and its members could not sit by idly and be insulted for getting over on children (by your own words) while being tasked with the hard work and responsibility of a longer day, longer school year, and new rigorous standards. You were right Rahm, this was a strike of choice – YOURS! You tried to characterize us as lazy, inefficient, and greedy before we could defend ourselves. That is a wonderful tactic to use in Washington. But Rahm! This is Chicago! This is NOT Washington.”

Read the full letter at ultimatewaronmediocrity.com


What do you think the lasting legacy of the CTU Strike will be?

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