Last week, amidst all the drama about Mike Pence being booed at Hamilton, white collar criminal and President Elect Donald Trump settled his fraud case in which he was facing three lawsuits, two in California, as well as charges from New York’s State Attorney General. He paid $25 million to his former “students” who had been pressed to spend thousands of dollars for bogus real estate seminars at his now out-of-business “university.”

Trump had dragged out the trial for years, tying up his former Trump University students in legal fees, hoping to discourage them from going to trial. The New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman issued a statement, wherein he noted that he was pleased that the settlement had been reached, and that Donald Trump had violated the state’s education laws. Trump will pay all the victims in the settlement as well as $1 million in legal fees.

It is laughable that the new President of the United States was up for charges of fraud and racketeering, shamelessly scheming victims out of their life savings so that he could make money off of them. From 2005 to 2011, Trump University offered no degrees, only promised victims access to Trump’s “real estate secrets” through programs that cost upwards of $30,000.

Trump’s bogus instructors, whom he claimed he “hand-picked,” but depositions revealed he had no part in selecting, would pressure students to max out their credit cards and spend everything to invest in Trump’s courses. Ultimately, people realized they gained nothing from the course and Trump had no part in helping the students.

After settling the case, Trump insists he never settles, and he could have and would have dragged this trial on further if not for his duties as President-Elect.

This is the man the United States has chosen to replace the scandal free Barack Obama? Watch whiteness work.