One of the many jobs of the president of the United States is to be the face of the nation and act as a middle man between American citizens and other countries. In other words, Donald Trump is currently our main contact with foreign leaders.

Let that sink in for a few minutes.

Continuing to raise concerns about his diplomacy – or lack thereof – President Trump recently met with German Chancellor Angela Markel. She is arguably the most important woman in the political world.

A group of reporters and photographers were welcomed into the oval office for about a minute to take pictures to record the meeting of the two leaders who are often on opposing side of issues such as immigration and trade negotiations.

After the two shared a series of awkward smiles for the cameras, a member of the press can be heard asking, “Can we get a handshake?” Markel then, as a politician should, put her personal politics to the side and asked the president if he would like another handshake.

With the same smug look that you’ll find on child ignoring their parents, Trump looked off into the distance and completely ignored Markel’s request, resulting in her matching his own uncomfortable expression.

To be fair, the two did shake hands when Markel arrived earlier that day. But Trump’s clear lack of interest in doing so again shows, at the very least, an alarming level of unprofessionalism. Which is ironic given that an image of being a genius negotiator and business tycoon helped him so much during the campaign.

This does not bode well for US relationships around the world and only draws further attention to Trump’s inexperience for the White House.