The stories of Chicago’s gun violence often follow the same narrative – young men of color, particularly Black, fall victim to either side of the weapon while their women loved ones are left to grieve. A shocking incident in Chicago’s Washington Park neighborhood has throw that pattern out of play after two women, 41 and 32 years old, were shot dead.

Jeanine Dowell and Juliet Washington were reportedly driving down the street at 10:30 p.m. when another car opened fire. The vehicle Dowell and Washington were in then rolled onto the sidewalk with a dozen shell casings scattered down the street.

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They were both pronounced dead when police arrived, but people in the area still called for an ambulance due to pleas from ththe victims’ family members who arrived on the scene.

“I’m not figuring this out,” said a woman in the crowd, who told the Chicago Tribune she was one of the victim’s niece. “I can’t see her affiliated with none of this. The only thing I see is she was giving someone a ride.”

Family and friends are left wondering what could have caused such a tragedy to occur. Police are investigating the incident as a double homicide.