The University of Alabama’s student government voted to support full integration of the Greek system last week.

The vote follows a year of controversy over qualified students being blocked from joining sororities because they were black. The discrimination was largely due to influence from a group called “The Machine.”

From Huffington Post:

The Machine is a secret society at UA that students say effectively controls Greek life.

Less than a month ago, the student government blocked a similar measure to support integrating fraternities and sororities. Katie Smith, the student senator who drafted the earlier resolution, felt it was because of pressure from the Machine that her bill to integrate Greeks failed in March.


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According to the Crimson White, the new bill’s language was left unadjusted and passed Thursday “with an overwhelming number of votes on the floor.” This was the first piece of legislation proposed by new student president Hamilton Bloom, who backed by the Machine, proposed after starting his term following spring break.

Bloom noted that fraternities and sororities still “have a long way to go” in terms of fairness and equality.

Are you surprised that the University of Alabama is just now doing something about its Greek system?

Should the sororities and fraternities that discriminated against black members face retribution?

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