One of the police officers accused of publicly humiliating a black man by making him sing and dance like a chimp has admitted to the unacceptable behavior.

55-year-old Michael Scipio accused Grosse Pointe Park police of making a spectacle out of him during a routine walk in the park.

From CBS Detroit:

A Grosse Pointe Park police officer has been removed from duty after admitting he shot a demeaning video of a mentally-challenged African American man. He told a man identified as 55 year-old Michael Scipio of Detroit to sing and make animal noises while the officer recorded the incident with his cell phone camera. Scipio lives near the Detroit-Grosse Pointe Park border and has had previous contact with police in the suburb.

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The video comes on the heels of charges against the department for its officers degrading black people, video taping the incidents and sending the videos to friends and family. No other videos have surfaced and the police officer is the only cop that has been charged with any wrongdoing.

Thoughts on the actions of the officer and the department?

Has justice been served?

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