A harrowing viral video  depicting a young Gay man being viciously gay-bashed in Atlanta has sparked a firestorm of controversy and an investigation by the FBI.

The video shows the attackers waiting for someone to exit a convenience store, with one of them stating “Jack City, no faggots.” A young man then exits the store and is immediately sucker punched from the side, and then brutally beaten by three men. Throughout the video, a fourth man can be heard yelling “no faggots in Jack City” as they mercilessly punch and kick the victim.

According to reports, the police were never called, and the attackers are still at large.

Though initially hesitant, the victim is expected to speak at a press conference today.

The FBI is investigating the attack. US Attorney Sally Quinn Yates released this statement:

“Combating violent gang activity in our district, including the Pittsburgh community, is a priority of this office, as are any potential civil rights violations based on a person’s sexual orientation. Along with the Atlanta Police Department, we are working to determine if the actions portrayed in the video violate federal law, including the hate crime statute. The actions depicted in the video are appalling and unacceptable in our community, and we encourage anyone with information about this video to contact the FBI or Atlanta police.”

Atlanta Police and the FBI are looking for anyone with information that might lead to the arrest of the attackers. If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers Atlanta at 404-577-8477.

Check out the shocking footage below:


How can we do a better job of instilling tolerance and acceptance of LGBTQ people amongst our youth?

Are we doing enough to battle homophobia within the Black community?

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