Orange is the New Black star LaVerne Cox may be famous for her roles on the big screen, but the trans activist is also taking an active role in standing up for the rights of black people.

Cox was so moved by the story of Cece McDonald, a transgender woman who was sentenced to time behind bars for defending herself during a fight, that she decided to promote Cece’s story through a documentary. 

Free Cece not only tells McDonald’s story, but also talks about the mistreatment of blacks as a whole by law enforcement and society.

From Free CeCe:

CeCe McDonald, a trans African American woman, survived a violent, racist and transphobic attack and served time in a men’s prison in Minnesota. Actress Laverne Cox is portraying an incarcerated trans woman in Orange is the New Black. Through their powerful voices, and investigative filmmaking, the feature length documentary film Free CeCe confronts the issue of trans-misogyny and the epidemic of violence surrounding trans women of color.

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Watch the trailer for the film:

Kudos to LaVerne Cox for highlighting the stories of trans people of color.

Black lives matter.

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