A Kansas City high school basketball coach has been suspended from his position after being caught on tape calling a Black student a “future welfare recipient.”

According to The Grio, student Marcus Williams Jr. claims to have been the victim of consistent harrassment from his former coach  after quitting the team last year.

From the Grio:

“High school senior Marcus Williams Jr. said he first met Howard a couple years ago when he coached Williams’ sophomore basketball team. Williams chose not to play the following year because of Howard’s coaching style.

Since then, Williams claims Howard targeted him with embarrassing and sometimes racial statements.

The last straw came last Tuesday when Williams was taking a picture with classmates in the gym. Williams claims Howard stopped in mid-jog to tell him to label his picture in the yearbook as “‘future welfare recipient.’

Williams had been looking for proof of the alleged abuse and this was the perfect opportunity to record one of Howard’s comments. Williams asked Howard to repeat himself and pushed ‘record’ on his cellphone.”

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Kudos to Marcus for catching this guy on camera!

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for Coach Howard’s actions?

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