The delivery of threats to inflict harm on black bodies may evolve with the times, but the tools used in these threats – such as masks, firearms and anonymity – have always been staples.

A video began circulating online of an individual wearing a Donald Trump mask, wearing a t-shirt that read “My president is white” and brandishing a handgun as hip-hop-inspired music played in the background full of references to stereotypes about Black people.

YouTube later removed it due to a clear violation of its policies, but it can still be found online.

Old Dominion University has gotten involved because a sweatshirt with the school’s logo can be seen in the video.

“This is an outrageous act of hate and intolerance, and we are sickened by this vile video. There is no place on this campus for hate and divisiveness,” the university said in a statement. “University administrators are taking this matter seriously and university police are investigating.”

“We are a caring as inclusive university community, and united, we strongly denounce the video and stand against hate,” the statement read. “Our resolve to build a unified campus community is stronger than ever.”

The recently released video may be one of the most bold in a string of racist recordings that required action from universities, many of which involve white students wearing blackface in selfies.

Are people still wondering why there’s need for a series called “Dear White People”?

Photo Courtesy: Wiki Commons