Richard Looking At City

You are not alone! Yes I get it, the struggle is real. A lot of times in life we get to these plateau’s and we hate where we are. Once we get to this place, we feel like we will be stuck here forever. You’ve put in so much hard work, you’ve shed so many tears, you’ve tried to do everything right like everyone has said, but you still find yourself starring hardships and disparity in the face. A lot of times we sweep these feelings under the rug and will try to carry on our merry way as if nothing bothers us, but truth be told you’re dying on the inside.

Some of you might be trying to make it out of school, make it into a new job or career, trying to prove yourself on your schools team, starting your own business, or just figuring out your purpose in life. No matter where you are please hear and understand me when I say “You Are Not Alone”! You might say Richard you don’t know me personally and you’re right, but what I do know is that you and I bleed the same blood, fear the same failure and work towards the same thing; a better life than what we were born into.

Beyond that I understand where you are because I myself struggle with this from time to time. Specifically within the past 2- 3 months. I have been working hard to try and make my dreams become a reality and I feel like the more I push the more resistance comes. I’ll be bold enough to tell you that as I was working to further my goals, I hit bad luck and rock bottom simultaneously. A few unfortunate mishaps and long period of drought had me facing eviction, getting my car repossessed and struggling just to bring groceries in the house.

These kind of struggles play heavy on your psyche and they make you feel like you want to quit on your dreams, your goals and yourself. I felt so alone during my struggle, like no one out there heard my real cries. I kept asking myself, who motivates the motivators when they need it? During these times it seems like there are no friends to turn to, no one who could truly understand just how deep your pain is with your current situation. But you are not alone.

I know that the struggle is real and I know how hard it is to keep it moving in times like these, but with every step comes the decision to make another. As hard as it may be, this is the time where you have to sit back and see everything that you are struggling with right now. Address your deeply rooted pain and use that pain to push you through. I’ve noticed that pain brings you three big traits that you will need. they are Perseverance, Character and Power.

You have to use your pain to push you past this temporary place, yes it might be hard, but it is doable. The reason you have to push and shake it off is because you never know when your moment or opportunity will arise. It may seem like nothing better is coming, but if you are working the way you say you are it’s bound to happen. It happened for me and I know it can happen for you. It’s just a matter of you having the drive and desire for that dream to become a reality.

I know that the road seems long, hard and unbearable, but you will make it out. Appreciate the time that you have to yourself to evaluate your surrounding and know how to move forward. After you can identify your pain and be real with yourself instead of sweeping it under the rug, take that pain and let it be your guiding light. If you think I’m lying just re-read this note and you will see that everything you read is from my own personal pain. Trust in your gift, trust in yourself and trust the God in you. The struggle is real, but you are not alone. #Unashamed


Richard L. Taylor Jr.